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No more pain from aligners

Aerodentis gently moves your teeth to a perfect smile using our patented pulsating air technology. Our solution does not rely on harsh constant pressure of a typical aligner that causes discomfort every time the aligner is changed.


Smile the whole day without a piece of plastic in your mouth

Since Aerodentis is used discreetly in the privacy of your home, you no longer need to be embarrassed in public with an aligner that may even impair your speech.

Eat & drink
normally and enjoy life

Aerodentis corrects your smile while you sleep , which allows you eat and drink normally the entire day.  With typical aligners, you need to remove them every time you eat or drink a hot beverage and brush before putting them back.

Shorter treatment time

50% shorter treatment time than regular aligners. Aligners need to be worn 24/7 a day for almost a year, whereas Aerodentis has be proven to achieve the same results in less than 10 hours a day while sleeping.

Fewer office visits

Using the Aerodentis app which is part of our AI platform, your dental professional can monitor and change your treatment plan remotely. You can upload videos of your smile to check your progress with your dental professional.

All you need is ONE Aerodentis smart aligner

A typical aligner treatment plan involves changing between 20 to 30 aligners, young adults and children tend to lose an aligner here and there and delay treatment by weeks. Now you can correct your smile with one Aerodentis smart aligner.


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Aerodentis will be release to the public soon

We look forward to taking the leap into the future of smile technology together

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